Wednesday, March 03, 2010

My Spies Speak About Cuyahoga County Endorsements

I have a few sources in Cuyahoga County and I want to go through the raw intel here so we can get the inside view of what happened last night:

Amendment made to change scanning committee recommendation from endorsing Yost to endorsing Seth. Voice vote was determined to be close (??? it wasn't). Raising of hands.... determined to be close (again it wasnt), division of room, after several countings showed 93-52 in favor of amending motion from endorsing Yost to endorsing Seth.

Then the fun starts..... immediately after amendment vote, a call the question motion was made on the endorsement vote.... Frost ignored it and allowed Bob Bennett (yep, the same one) make a motion for a dual endorsement. After a shouting match from the guy that move to call the question (he could have won the fight but lost his argument from his screaming) a vote was taken on Bennett's amendment for dual endorsement ---- it failed miserably with only a handful of aye votes and was clearly defeated. As for the endorsment of Seth.... the ayes crushed the couple nays and Seth won the endorsement.
Another source says that the Ohio Republican Party send out a "robo-call" in an effort to drum up support for Dave Yost. I have not been able to verify that yet, so if you got the call please sound off in the comments.

Attorney General
AS for Steve Christopher..... he got screwed and the guy (pro-lifer) that was going to challenge the DeWine endorsement sat on his hands and did nothing. Christopher was not even allowed to speak as is customary and allowed for every other candidate.
Best news of the night? So glad you asked...
Bob Bennett basically got booed when he motioned for joint endorsement when he saw Yost was getting beat…