Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The Meaning of Endorsements and Fundraising

What is the meaning of endorsements and fundraising?


That's right. You heard me.

Endorsements and fundraising numbers mean exactly jack.

No number of people phoning it in from Virginia or former fundraising hacks are going to convince me that fundraising numbers trumps endorsements.

And nobody is going to convince me (of all people) that endorsements trumps fundraising numbers.

This is just the horse race "process" stuff that we get to write about until the only poll that matters comes out. You know the one...we call it Election Day.

Back in the day, Bill Pierce racked up an impressive number of county party endorsements against Mike DeWine. But it didn't matter...

Back in the day, Jeanette Bradley racked up a heckuva war chest against Sandy O'Brien. But it didn't matter...

What matters is the electorate. Don't bother telling me how many people know John Kasich in some poll from last week...what matters is how many people are going to vote for a candidate on Election Day.

The smartest people in the room are going to try and tell you that you don't matter because their guy got a billion dollars from two fat cat donors.


If you have a candidate that you believe in, you need to fight. If you have a set of principles that you will not yield, you need to fight. Don't let the establishment or the 527 media tell you that you don't matter because you most certainly do matter.

Do not be discouraged, my friends, and do not accept as gospel words from people who claim to know what is going to happen on Election Day.