Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Even Democrats Know Krikorian is a Liar

When Democrats call the Angry Armenian a LIAR you know the game is ON!

Here is a litany of issues that "Chili" has with the Angry Armenian:
- At a recent campaign event we both attended, my opponent spoke out strongly against the right of public employees to unionize. Though this was caught on film, it has come to my attention that Mr. Krikorian has been spreading the lie that these were not his full, accurate comments. We've put up the full-video where you will see me having the courage to express my support for the rights of all workers to unionize despite being shouted at by the audience. Mr. Krikorian then agrees with the shouting audience member and makes his stance against the rights of all workers to organize clear.

- My opponent, David Krikorian has had a campaign advisor/volunteer (Geoffrey Sea) put up a blog post full of lies and has attemped to cite the article as independent. Regardless, his major claim is that I have run a negative push poll. This is a 100% lie. My campaign has never run and has zero knowledge of any kind of negative push poll. We are operating on the assumption that this poll never existed, and if it actually does, it has nothing to do with my campaign, period. We expect a formal apology from Mr. Krikorian's campaign now that we have clarified this for him.

- Lastly, my opponent has again resorted to using "press release polls". We are ecstatic with the recent polling data that we've analyzed. The data that we have seen is apparently not from the same universe as Mr. Krikorian's, but regardless we are highly confident that our campaign will be victorious on May 4 thanks to your support.
Oh, those polls are STILL a riot...