Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Journal Picks Alvarez

In a move that has me scratching my head, the Journal has endorsed Jose Alvarez for Butler County Commissioner. Again, this is the guy that the Butler County Good Old Boys Club (No Girls Allowed!) backed for the Butler County GOP endorsement so I have to confess to a certain amount of disbelief that the 527 Media outlet is willing to go along with it.

By the way, there have been whispers of Jose falling out of favor with the Good Old Boys Club, but I never believed it for a minute. Granted, after their miserable failure to capture the endorsement, one could see why they'd ditch Jose (who came in second) but I have no reason to believe that they would back Cindy Carpenter for the position either (she finished near the bottom).

Basically, I'm looking for "None of the Above" on the ballot...