Saturday, April 17, 2010

Meranda v. Gusweiler: Failed Sheriff Candidate Driving Bus to Run Over Little: Sour Grapes Edition

Some people just think they are God's gift to humanity. Some people can't get over the fact that they have been rejected, that they have lost. This turns them into vindictive conspiracy kooks who have to make all sorts of excuses. Such is the case with Dennis Varnau, failed "so-called independent" candidate for sheriff. Word has it that he has been helping drive the bus to run over Jessica Little because she won't prosecute Judge Gusweiler as a criminal, and in fact thru some internet digging I have found him or someone close to him to be one of the anonymous commenters throughout the coverage of this story. Geez, man, give me a break. Well, now failed sheriff candidate and conspiracy kook Varnau has decided to send WMD an email. We will get to the Meranda v. Gusweiler stuff from Varnau in a later post when I get a reply from some legal eagles. Before I get to that, he had a problem with a story I wrote ALMOST TWO YEARS AGO regarding his race and playing interesting politics by using Jessica Little's picture on a billboard. Here is what Dennis the Menace had to say:
Your article "Brown County Update: Varnau playing dirty?" published in your blog back on October 3, 2008, was totally lacking in fact, mainly because you did not attempt to investigate at all before you published your opinions.

Um, ok Dennis. Most of the cited material comes from a newspaper article (see link) that quotes Jessica Little and yourself. Jess Little said at the time this was done without her endorsement. Are you calling her a liar, sir, or are you saying the newspaper I got the quotes from misquoted both yourself and Ms. Little? As to the comments about you using tape recorders, this is a known fact as you advertised in your newspaper ads and on your website. And, I did talk to people about you showing up in your, ahem, uniform. So, where, exactly, did I fail to "investigate"? Hmmm...Sounds like more kookery. But now let's get to the really arrogant, self serving, and revealing part about Mr. Varnau.....
One of my supporters asked if I too would respond to this debate over this Gusweiler/Meranda matter on your website.

I'll add my opinion, seeing as how I was the one who got Jessica Little elected with my billboard, which billboard she was completely aware of at the time, coordinated between the two of us well before its installation date, which billboard lost me a lot of Democrat votes in the process. Thus, I feel somewhat responsible for her lack of judgment, what I consider to be inappropriate conduct, as prosecutor in this matter.

As I said, I will get to Mr. Varnau's legal arguments and rebuttals in a later post. What I found striking was Mr. Varnau's arrogance and lack of being in touch with something I call reality. Mr. Varnau, the people of Brown County got Jess Little elected, based on her working and travelling all over the county to event after event. While all you did was try to get your opponent thrown out despite settled past cases involving qualifications and alleging conspiracies going all the way to the General Assembly, Jess Little was attending events and assembling a team of hard working volunteers and workers. You besmirch their efforts and the voters by your arrogant claim. Also, you claim this was coordinated. Jess Little has gone on the record, and you alluded to it in your statement that this was not necessarily the case in my earlier article....Are you calling the Press, Jess, and in ways, yourself, liars?

And funny, I thought you were an independent candidate, not a Democrat candidate. Are we showing our real true colors, sir? And since we are speaking about votes, do you know that you cost Jess Little quite a few Republican voters yourself? Sheriff Wenninger is not perfect, and I have my disagreements with him, but he remains a popular figure in some circles and this cost Jessica a bit of support. Also, sir, if your one billboard got her elected, in your godlike power, how well did you do? Hmm...let's see....From the Brown County Board of Elections, which must be in on the "conspiracy against Dennis because he got his butt handed to him...boohoo", as certified by Democrat Jenny Brunner, Secretary of State (I guess she is really just a Republican conspirator too, right Dennis?):
(Vote For Not More Than ) 1
Dennis John Varnau . . . . . . . 7,232 37.08
Dwayne Wenninger . . . . . . . . 12,274 62.92

Wow, Dennis, those Democrat votes really would have made a difference, considering you got beat by 5000 votes. Wow. You really are an influence maker, sir. Congrats.

Seriously, the arrogance of this guy...and at first I thought at least this letter is sent to respond to the article and he is taking a great deal of time with me. Not so much, except for the words website and the part about the previous mention of Dennis the Menace, this whole thing was a form letter he sent to the editors of the local papers. What an arrogant turd!

Aside from some legal arguments, the rest of Dennis's letter deals with parsing words regarding his action to try to get Dwayne Wenninger thrown off the ballot due to qualifications, something which had been taken up in court before and again and again. Talk about an obsessed sore loser! And to think this is the type of person Tina Meranda is getting the thumbs up from.....makes you think about what HER motivations may be....

More to come on Dennis and his legal Unabomber/Ted Kazinsky-esque ramblings "arguments"......