Tuesday, April 13, 2010

NRSC on Ohio Job Czar's Spat with Jenny Brunner

The Democrat candidates seeking the right to lose to Rob Portman in November had a "debate" today according to the columbus Dispatch.  Here is a highlight:
Brunner went first and asked Fisher why he remained as lieutenant governor but resigned as development director in February 2009, when the state was reeling with job losses and other economic problems during the recession.

"Can you explain why it is that you abandoned the state of Ohio at a time you were needed most?" Brunner asked.

Fisher joked that in legal terms, that was a leading question. But he rejected the suggestion, saying he was proud of his record and that federal policies have been undercutting state efforts and need to be changed.
Here is a response from the NRCC's Amber Marchand:
“Apparently Lee Fisher is ‘proud’ of the hundreds of thousands of jobs that have been lost under his watch as Ohio’s Jobs Czar and he’s ‘proud’ of the state’s skyrocketing unemployment rate? While Ohio was hemorrhaging jobs, Lee Fisher was too focused on vying for a promotion than to bother paying attention to the people in his state who were struggling to make ends meet. Fisher is pointing fingers instead of taking responsibility for his failed record, but voters in the Buckeye State will hold him accountable for ignoring the Ohio’s economic development on Election Day.”