Thursday, April 15, 2010

Team Yost Attacks Even More Republicans

The Yost campaign has resorted to attacking Republicans now...  Previously, Team Yost has attacked Small Towns, Ward Councilmen, Josh Mandel, John Kasich, and Jon Husted as well as County Parties and Grassroots organizations, but this is a step too far:
Dave's opponent is a member of the state legislature, the very place responsible for the out-of-control spending of Columbus. With tax day upon us, let's rise up and say "no more!". Let's get to work fixing the mess in Columbus and holding government officials accountable.
Team Seth responds:
"This attack on Seth Morgan, all Republican members of the Ohio House, including Treasurer Candidate Josh Mandel, as being responsible for the out-of-control spending in Columbus is nonsensical, reckless and is inaccurate," said Rob Scott, Communications Director for Friends of Seth Morgan.

Seth Morgan, was handpicked by one of the most respected conservative leaders around Ohio, Minority Leader William Batchelder, to serve as the House Republican Caucus' Policy Committee. Morgan has been one of the most aggressive and outspoken members of the Ohio Legislature, leading the charge on holding Columbus accountable and implementing conservative ideals.
On Nov. 17, 2009, Ohio House Republican Policy Committee Chairman, Seth Morgan, CPA along with his colleagues, unveiled a package of ten proposals to spur government reform, streamline efficiency, and strengthen accountability and transparency in state government, while working to reduce the economic turmoil suffered by families across Ohio.
"Yost is clearly uneducated about Seth Morgan, House Minority Leader Bill Batchelder, Treasurer-candidate Josh Mandel, Ron Maag, John Adams, and other members who are fighting to cut spending in the state budget," said Scott.
Contained in the proposals are plans to reestablish the Legislative Budget Office to provide nonpartisan financial oversight; restructure state government by streamlining the executive branch; examine Medicaid fraud, waste and abuse; require conference committee reports to be publicly available for 48 hours prior to being considered by the House or Senate; and identify other areas of wasteful, inefficient spending. The Ohio House Republican Caucus offered these proposals as bills in the Ohio House and as amendments to the Ohio budget. These ideas have been silenced or ignored by Democrats, the House Majority Party.
The April 14th campaign communication is another example of Dave Yost and his campaign misleading Ohioans or simply using a "ready, fire, aim" approach to communicating.
· First, Dave Yost and his campaign were misleading on campaign literature and websites in February when Yost was described as "the only auditor in the race." As a Certified Public Accountant, by definition, Seth Morgan is an auditor. We applaud the Yost campaign for changing their phrasing.
· Second, Dave Yost and his campaign associated themselves with an individual who pled guilty to public corruption charges. After the Friends of Seth Morgan drew attention to the problem, Yost fired back and aggressively defended the spokesperson. The individual, who served as an advisor and spokesperson for Dave Yost and his campaign, is apparently no longer the spokesperson for the campaign. We applaud the Yost campaign for apparently removing this spokesperson.
· Third, Dave Yost sent a scathing statement via email on March 20, 2010 attacking the Summit County Republican Party Central Committee members for endorsing Seth Morgan, CPA by saying, "Summit County is widely regarded as one of the last true "machine" counties in the state, and there was no doubt that the fix was in." Unlike the endorsement process used when Yost garnered the endorsement by the Ohio Republican Party and four of the five County endorsements he has won, it is our understanding that both candidates were invited to participate in the endorsement process in Summit County.
· Fourth, Dave Yost's proposed Ohio budget commission would create a conflict of interest for the Ohio Auditor's office. Morgan expressed concern over his opponent's proposal. Several days later, the current Auditor of State, Mary Taylor, voiced concerns over keeping the independence of the Auditor's office if Yost's plan was enacted in an interview airing on Sunday, April 11, 2010.
"It is our hope that Dave Yost and his campaign exercise caution before sending communications attacking Seth Morgan, fellow Republicans in the Ohio House, as well as a Republican statewide candidate, for the direction of the Ohio House, of which they do not control the agenda," Scott said.
"It appears that Dave Yost is running an off-the-cuff, nonsensical campaign. Seth Morgan is the most qualified candidate for the Auditor of State office and is the best candidate to run against Democrat David Pepper in November."