Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cates Says "NAY!" to Shuttle in Dayton

Speaking of State Senator Gary Cates... 

What's up with the nay vote on S.C.R. No. 28? It urges Pres. to choose Air Force Museum at WPAFB for space shuttle display.

What has the shuttle, WPAFB, or Ohio tourism ever done to you Senator?  Did the shuttle suggest that the legislature ought to reduce its pay during a recession?  What?

UPDATE:  I emailed the senator to ask his about the vote and here is his response:
I’m not against the shuttle being brought to WPAFB. My no vote is to express my frustration of the GA dealing with largely ceremonial issues. With all the problems we have to deal with this to me is a fairly trivial pursuit. If I’m going to go the trouble of asking the President to do something, I would rather spend my chit on something that is more important such as addressing jobs, jobs and jobs. While it may be nice to have the shuttle nearby, it doesn’t do anything to change our lot in life. So I hope you will understand that I’m not against the shuttle, but sometimes you have to stand up and make a statement by voting “no”. Now that the primary elections are over, it’s easy for politicians to get back into their bad habits…one of them having your hand out to the federal gov’t looking for favors. I doubt that my “no” vote will have any impact on the President’s decision.
Fair enough!  And while I treated this somewhat in jest, it is a legit question that I got from a reader.  I want to thank the senator for responding and I have to say that I agree with his reasoning on this one.  And that is coming from a strong supporter of bringing the shuttle to WPAFB.