Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kasich/Taylor Launches

Columbus -- Today, John Kasich and Mary Taylor launched, a new effort to collect ideas from Ohioans for getting Ohio back on track after three-and-a-half years of bad decisions and incompetent management under Ted Strickland.

At, Ohioans can post their own ideas for fixing state government, making programs more efficient, cutting wasteful spending, or even reporting instances of waste or fraud they have witnessed.
Said John Kasich, “Ohio has suffered mightily as a result of Ted Strickland’s bad decisions and mismanagement. He just has not been up to the job and, as a result, Ohio’s in a mess.
“Reviving Ohio’s economy and creating jobs is our top priority, and I want to hear from everyone how they think it can be done," Kasich added. "I believe that the key is to make Ohio a competitive place to do business by reducing the barriers to success like high taxes, excessive regulation, frivolous suits and a broken education system.
“I want to hear what Ohioans have to say about these ideas, as well as any others they may have. We’re all in this together, however, so it’s going to take the combined effort of everyone to get us going again.”