Thursday, June 10, 2010

Obama Hearts Hamas, former Terror CFO Abbas

OK, seriously. Just say you don't like Israel. I mean, Helen Thomas got a nice retirement package for saying so. President Obama and his love affair with terrorists is just getting too much. I mean, first, there was Bill Ayers. Then, there was the sympathy he expressed for people like Che Guevara. Then, he said that terrorists ruthlessly cutting off Danny Pearl's head captured the world's imagination. Before that, he snubbed BB Netanyahu and wagged his finger at Israel for defending itself. Now, we get this yesterday in a meet and greet photo op with former terrorist CFO Mahmoud Abbas, who was part of the organization that perpetrated the Munich murders of Israeli athletes. Guess it don't matter to Obama, because they were Israelis:
I think everybody, people in Israel, people in Turkey, people within the Palestinian territories, certainly people here in the United States, want to know the facts of this tragedy -- what led to it, how can we prevent it in the future.

And I think -- I've said to the Israelis directly and certainly my team has communicated the fact that it is in Israel's interest to make sure that everybody knows exactly how this happened so that we don't see these kinds of events occurring again. And we expect that -- the standard that was called for in the U.N. Security Council to be met.

Barry, here is like some evidence that shows us what happened, you dolt:

I mean, do we need anyone to tell us? Oh yeah, I forgot, you need people to tell you whose @$$ to kick, at least that is what you told Matt Lauer.

And so how did we respond? We bought 400 million dollars worth of infrastructure for Hamas to hide behind: According to Mr. Obama the money will be used for housing, schools, health and infrastructure needs.

Given that terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah have no problem with using schools, synagogues, and even hospitals from which to launch their attacks against Israel, America could be aiding and abetting further terror attacks against Israel.