Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sour Grapes from Jolly? Tax Payers Take the Hit?

Over at the Enquirer, Sheila McLaughlin writes a piece about the possibility of Butler County raising taxes.  In it is this bit from outgoing Commissioner Greg Jolivette:
It's time to think about raising that sales tax to address the cash-strapped county's budget woes, says Greg Jolivette, lame duck Butler County commissioner whose failed primary campaign focused, in part, on what a great thing that low sales tax was.

"I thought it should put a little feather in our cap that we did maintain that. But I wasn't successful with that argument," he said of the May primary he lost to Cindy Carpenter.
That is rather petty of you, sir, and clearly you are not the man I thought you were.  I am deeply disappointed...  Go out with some dignity, Greg, don't go out like this...
"I don't hear people saying "I think I'll shop in Butler County because it will save me a quarter percent,' " Jolivette said
Those of us who actually work for a living are pinching our pennies, Commissioner.  If you weren't so out of touch, maybe you'd have won re-election.

UPDATE:  Mad props to Judge Sharon Kennedy for saying: "I'm a tax payer. I pay enough," she said. "To say I now have to shoulder something else because we can't make tough decisions and cuts, as a taxpayer I'm not satisfied with that." -- Keep an eye on this one, folks, she's got star power!