Tuesday, June 08, 2010

ORP Picks Tea Party HATER for Victory Chair

The following went out to Ohio's Republican "leaders" from Chaiarman Kevin DeWine:
Party Leaders,

Just a quick email to let you know of a new (but familiar) addition to our team here at the Ohio Republican Party. I have asked Belmont County GOP Chairman Kent Moore to serve as our Victory Chair this year. Kent will serve as a liaison between the state party, our county party organizations, and our Victory programs. He's a veteran party leader in Ohio, and he understands the challenges you face every day having served as a party chairman for two county organizations over the last 30 years.

I asked Kent to help us develop, promote, and execute our programs in a way that works effectively for you. He will report to Victory Director Michael Bir each week on everything from volunteer recruitment progress to feedback from the front lines. I hope you'll consider him a resource and contact him directly if you need someone to help troubleshoot a problem, visit your county to explain our voter contact efforts, or serve as a sounding board for ideas.

Kent will be reaching out to many of you directly, but you can reach him in advance, if necessary, by email at belmontgop@gmail.com or by phone at (740) 359-5333.
We last saw Kent cowering in the corner crying about Tea Party protesters at that sham meeting in Columbus where the State Central Committee bowed down and kissed Kevin's ring by giving their seal of approval on Dave "Politician not a Prosecutor" Yost for Auditor. Read all about that slander here.

Maybe I was wrong here...is this pay for play?