Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Boehner Has Some Questions and Porkulus Updates

Check out this video from the Right Knight of Congress, great American, and Ohio's very own, John Boehner:

Also, check out this report regarding the Dems and their every increasing flipflops regarding the stimulus:
Washington (Jul 5)

Washington Democrats plowed hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars into a ‘stimulus’ program with promises it would create jobs ‘immediately’ and keep unemployment below eight percent. Nearly 18 months later, more than 3 million private sector jobs have been lost and unemployment is at 9.5 percent. Over the same period, more than 400,000 new government jobs have been created. More government, fewer jobs: this isn’t the picture of recovery, it’s just another Washington program that overspends and underdelivers. The impact of Democrats’ ‘stimulus’ failures is felt in every promise broken, every job lost, every small business “sidelined,” and every new dollar of debt piled on our kids and grandkids. Out of touch, out of ideas, and out of money – that’s what you’re getting from Democrats in Washington right now. Republicans are offering better solutions to cut spending now and provide the fiscal discipline economists say is needed to put people back to work.

At this point, Democrats are just plain lost: how else to reconcile fretting over the ‘stimulus’ “winding down” just weeks after senior White House officials said this would be its “most active” season yet?

Leader Boehner is right. We were told that this summer of 2010 would be when the floodgates would open....I barely see a leaky faucet. Just another broken Dem promise.