Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Butler County Update: FOP Union Out of Control

This is what happens when you give and give and give to the sheriff...his union thinks they can tell the community to raise taxes.  Also, I totally disagree wit hthe union on the issue of immigration is NOT just Sheriff Spotlight's personal mission, the public has gone on record supporting immigration enforcement measures time and again.  Furthermore, the union still has no idea what it is talking about: said legislation would not increase the workload, for the deputy to be in the position to ask the questions the legislation poses, said deputy would have to have stopped the offender for something else already.

I will agree with the union on one thing though: Why hasn't the sheriff and his top command staff offered to give up some oftheir fat cash to save some jobs?  I thought this was about safety and security, Sheriff, or is it about something else entirely?