Monday, July 05, 2010

Culture of Corruption Alive and Thriving Under Ted Strickland

Ted Strickland has tried to talk about reducing government waste and cutting the government laborforce in Ohio, but that depends on what type of jobs you are talking about. From the Cincinnati Enquirer:
Gov. Ted Strickland boasts about reducing the statewide workforce to save money. But the total number of patronage employees - where political connections help land the job - have increased by more than 11 percent since the Democrat took office in 2007.

Meanwhile, the number of unclassified, patronage jobs has increased by 1,173 employees, from 9,995 in February 2007 to 11,168 this month, also according to DAS. The totals include other statewide officeholders, the Ohio Supreme Court and state legislature.

Former Cincinnati City Council member Laketa Cole of Bond Hill landed one of these governor-appointed jobs, as did Alicia Reece, another Cincinnati Democrat, early in the administration before she was picked to fill a state House seat. So did former state Rep. Jim Raussen of Springdale - although he's a Republican.

Amanda Wurst, Strickland's spokeswoman, referred questions about patronage jobs to the Ohio Department of Administrative Services, which was unable to immediately explain why the total number of "unclassified" jobs has increased.

Ron Sylvester, a department spokesman, pointed out that while political appointments like his "are a fact of life, I do not know of political appointees who are not qualified for their jobs. Many of us, such as myself, put their private-sector careers in hiatus to come and be a part of something public-service oriented."

Yep, Dems are soooooooo much more open and honest and are out for the little guy than Republicans (OK, excluding the ORP)...NOT!