Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Brown County Update: Dennis Varnau is STILL a Sore LOSER!!!!

Dennis Varnau just cannot accept that he lost. He is one of those arrogant types who think if they fail it must always be someone else's fault. I am sure he would advocate that everyone in life get a trophy and an attaboy. Well, he has been smacked down again. For the umpteenth time, Dennis lost his claim that he should be sheriff by default because the guy who beat him, Dwayne Wenninger, is not qualified to be sheriff. Varnau doesn't care that he clearly did not have the support of the voting public, he just wants the job so bad! Here is the story from Wayne Gates and the fine folks at the Brown County Press:
An Ohio Appeals Court has ruled in favor of Brown County Sheriff Dwayne Wenninger in the latest twist of a long-running lawsuit.

Independent Sheriff candidate Dennis Varnau filed a protest in 2008 with the Brown County Board of Elections challenging Wenningers qualifications to hold office.

That challenge set off a running two year legal battle.
In the opinion issued on August 16, the three judge panel from the Twelfth Appellate District in Middletown said that Vaunau's arguments "lacked merit" and upheld the request for Summary Judgement of the case that was made by Wenninger's attorneys in Common Pleas Court.

A Summary Judgement is a decision by a judge that the facts presented do not require a trial.

Even though the ruling was in Wenninger's favor, Varnau said "This case is not over by a long shot."

Varnau said that he plans to file a Motion for Relief of Judgement with the court.

If that motion is denied, Varnau said he will take the matter to the Ohio Supreme Court.

Dennis the Menace just doesn't get it. This stuff has been heard again and again. Each time, no merit. Each time he loses, he gets more looney. I guess the appeals court judge must be part of the vast conspiracy that keeps Varnau from his goals and his efforts to shed light on the secret cabal of Zionists who run Brown County for the Illuminati Trilateral commission.....geez. Grow up already Dennis! To the OSC? Come on now. Back to the story:
Wenninger said "I always felt confident we would prevail" and added "I just think he's a sore loser", referring to Varnau.

Wenninger continued that if Varnau wants to be Sheriff he should "throw his hat in the ring and try again."

For his part, Varnau said "As a litigant in this case, my opinion is that as a matter of law, Wenninger is not the Sheriff and never has been."

He added that he disagrees with the Court's decision and "I believe there is nothing in the record that supports giving Dwayne Wenninger a Summary Judgement."

In his complaint, Varnau said Wenninger lacked the educational qualifications to be Sheriff that are required by Ohio law.

Varnau also filed a Writ of Quo Warranto, a legal challenge to Wennenger's right to hold the office of Sheriff, in February of 2009.

In that complaint, Varnau sought to have Wenninger removed from office and to have himself appointed to the position.

A sore loser who thinks he is entitled to the job, damn the what the voters decided. He doesn't want a new election or a runoff or a special election. He is demanding he be appointed to the post. Give me a break, you self-serving arrogant twit! Look, Dwayne Wenninger's regime has not been perfect, far from it, and I have a few issues with how he and the dept. run. However, I would rather have him than a self serving egomaniacal elitist who thinks he is entitled to the job!

Kudos to the 12th district for slapping this egomaniac conspiracy jackhole down!

Dennis the Menace Varnau: He doesn't care what the voters say, he should be sheriff...and he will sue until he gets his way, or til he croaks.

Here is the decision from the 12th District Court of Appeals: