Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Questions Strickland Should Be Asked...But Won't

Rasmussen Reports has two polls that suggest questions that Governor Strickland ought to be asked if only we had a media in this state that didn't have an agenda or a candidate / campaign brave enough to make these questions an issue.

First, 56% of Ohioans oppose the requirement in ObamaCare mandating that every American must purchase health insurance.

Does Ted Strickland stand with those who think government has no business telling its citizens that they are required to buy health insurance?

Second, 62% of Ohioans favor extending the Bush tax cuts putting more of the money we worked for back in to our wallets instead of government.

Does Ted Strickland believe it is a good policy decision to raise taxes during a recession like his Washington buddies want to do?

Somebody ought to be asking T-Shirt Ted these very important questions...inquiring minds in Ohio want to know!

UPDATE: Bonus question for Rich Cordray: 51% of Ohioans favor suing the federal government over the health insurance requirement, what say you, Richy Rich?