Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Yost to Pepper: "Let's Debate"

Republican candidate for Auditor of State, Dave Yost, today challenged his liberal Democrat opponent to debate him.

Earlier in the day, the Ohio News Network and WBNS TV invited the candidates for Auditor to debate. The Yost campaign immediately accepted.

"We've already missed one opportunity to hear what David Pepper had to say when he skipped the Lake County News Herald televised candidate forum," said Matt Borges, spokesman for Yost. "It's time for David Pepper to stop speaking through his spate of confusing news releases and bizarre campaign statements, and come meet Dave Yost face-to-face and defend his record of raising taxes, high unemloyment, and his devastating decision to close jails and let criminals free."

The ONN/WBNS debate will be held in early October, although no formal date has been set. Yost said he was open to further debates, noting that the race is simply too important to the future of the state to not allow voters to hear directly from the candidates.

"Anytime, anywhere," Yost said.