Thursday, August 19, 2010

Combs: Butler County Dems Do It Too!

Hamilton, OH–Butler County Republicans today responded to the false statements spread against State Representative Courtney Combs (R-Hamilton), who is running for reelection to the 54th Ohio House District. Bruce Carter, the Democratic candidate, has committed the same offense that his county party is accusing Combs of: failure to include a disclaimer on campaign materials.

Recently, the Butler County Democrats filed a complaint against Combs for failing to include a campaign disclaimer on a yard sign. In reality, the complaint against Combs is false, as evidenced by the attached photos—which show the disclaimer embossed in the lower left-hand corner.

Concurrently, Carter circulated the attached fundraising invitation without his campaign’s disclaimer and listed Jocelyn Bucaro, now-chairwoman of the local Democratic Party, as the contact to RSVP for the fundraiser.

According to Hamilton Journal-News, Bucaro chastised Combs by saying, “It’s ‘Campaign 101. If any of my candidates would have done this, I’d call them out on it.” Dave Kern, Butler County GOP Chairman, was quick to point out the irony of Bucaro’s comments.

“The desperation of the Butler County Democratic Chairwoman is pathetic,” said Kern. “This is an attempt to remove the focus of the election from the important issues like jobs and taxes to innocuous behavior, which in this case includes both parties and is waste of everyone’s time and tax dollars.”
UPDATE: Here is the complaint that Team Combs is filing and the offending Carter letter...

OEC Complaint Combs

Carter Fundraiser