Thursday, August 19, 2010

Zack Space is Having a Really Bad Week

Labor unions are working against him and now the Ohio Elections Commission says that he made false statements about Bob Gibbs. and he's crazy if he thinks he can make this ridiculous charge stick with the FEC.

Rough week for the Accidental Congressman...

UPDATE: Here is the press release from Team Gibbs:
Lakeville, OH - The Ohio Elections Commission today issued a ruling that recent television ads paid for by Congressman Zack Space's campaign committee contained false statements meant to obscure the record of Bob Gibbs.

"This ruling proves that Congressman Space lied to the voters of the district in an attempt to distort my record of cutting taxes for families and working to create jobs for Ohioans," said Gibbs.  "We cannot trust anything that comes from Space and his campaign, as they have continued to demonstrate that they have no respect for the laws regarding fair and honest campaigning."

The Ohio Elections Commission found on both counts that Space used false statements in his TV ad.

"Space has to lie on his campaign ads to hide from the truth that unemployment in the 18th district has doubled since he took office, yet he continues to vote for job-killing legislation like the Cap-and-Trade national energy tax.  We need to put the false attacks behind us and continue on with my message of putting people in the 18th district back to work in quality jobs that allow them to provide for their families," said Gibbs.
UPDATE 2: NRCC Comment:
“Today’s ruling confirmed what so many voters already know: Eastern Ohioans cannot trust anything Zack Space says. He’s failed to create jobs, and he sold out his district by supporting a cap-and-trade national energy tax, even though it will crush the area’s economy. It’s clear that Zack Space has spent too much time in Washington with Speaker Pelosi because he has no regard for the values and principles of Eastern Ohio.” – Tory Mazzola, NRCC Spokesman