Thursday, August 19, 2010

OH-09: Rich Iott Introduces Business Partners, Highlights Job Creation in Local Economy

August 19, 2010 - Businessman Rich Iott introduced three business partners who star in campaign television ads that highlight his career as a job creator in Northwest Ohio at a news conference Thursday morning in western Lucas County.

These business partners are featured in current or upcoming television ads that the Iott for Congress campaign will be airing throughout this fall to share Rich Iott's ideas about congressional reform and priorities in Washington. The businesses have been responsible for well over 100 jobs in the fields of the construction trades, technology, and food processing - all in the Toledo area - and they all hold the promise of many more jobs in the future. These enterprises thrive today because of Rich Iott's business savvy and his commitment to the local economy.
"Whatever they are trying to do in Washington to help the economy here in northwest Ohio and across the country is not working, and to me, it's obvious why it's not working," said Mr. Iott. "The leaders in Washington appear only to care about helping their own special interests with no regard for the needs of Americans working in the private sector. The public sector does not create jobs, and the career politicians apparently have no idea what is needed to get the private sector working again. All they have done in the last 19 months is create monumental uncertainty and wreak havoc in the economy, picking the winners and losers and leaving all companies unsure about what new regulations and taxes might be coming next. "
While incumbent Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur claims her 'number one job' is to rob the federal treasury to reward her campaign contributors with millions of dollars, Rich Iott has worked to create many permanent jobs without any handout from the federal government. Rich Iott's campaign will emphasize his strong business experience because Congress is bereft of successful business leaders who understand what the private sector needs to thrive.