Thursday, September 09, 2010

About That Book Burning

I've been trying to get my head in the game on what exactly I think about this preacher in Florida wanting to burn a Koran on 9/11. I have mixed emotions on the subject, but I am opposed to it for several reasons.

First, I think General Petreaus has a point: Islamofascists, (not the cute and cuddly "moderate" Muslims who fart rainbows; but the real, hard core Muslims who like to chop heads and stuff) will use this event as an excuse to lash out at American serving around th globe.

Second, book burning is really anti-American. It just is. Sure, dude has the right to burn his personal property, but if this were really about that he wouldn't have made such a spectacle of himself. I don't like it when Islamofascists burn the American flag and/or shout "Death to America" either.


I saw this article on Rasmussen that I think sums up part of why I hestitate to totally condemn the whole exercise:
It may well be that I'm giving Jones too much credit, but I think he and others have been driven mad by a media-elite double standard that requires the Christian religious right to be sensitive, but not Muslims.

When the controversy involves the ground zero mosque, the elites cite the First Amendment; when the controversy draws on the free-speech rights of the devout, editorial page editors switch to the issue of tolerance.
There is no sense of proportion. The left portrays the religious right as extremists, if they oppose, say, abortion or same-sex marriage, while it ignores Islamic cultures' unequal and at times violent treatment of women and gays.
At some point, we have to stop tolerating the violence that Muslims perpetrate on humanity. I'm not a real "eye for an eye" kind of guy, but I do think that symbolic gestures of friendship are only seen as weakness by the Islamofascists.

I guess I'd be more supportive if this preacher man had announced his intention to burn a Koran as a response to some other event much like the Islamofascists do as standard procedure.

Just seems like a really bad idea to me though...