Thursday, September 09, 2010

Portman on Voinovich's (Latest) Really Bad Idea

Remember this?

Remember the Ohio RINOvich Party asking "us" if we would support it on Facebook?

Well, I do...  It ticked me off.

My gut reaction was What Would Rob Portman Do?, so I finally got around to asking Team Portman about it and here is the response I got from our good friend and Portman spokeswoman Jessica Towhey:
Rob doesn’t believe that increasing the gas tax during these tough economic times is a good idea – he worries about the impact on Ohio families already struggling to make ends meet and on small businesses that already have significant fuel costs. Washington is threatening to pass a cap-and-trade energy tax like the one that passed in the U.S. House that would be a multi-billion dollar gas tax in and of itself.
Score one for Portman!