Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Batchelder: Ohio House Dems Squander Then Scramble

COLUMBUS—Feeling pressure from the national and statewide momentum to support conservative ideals, House Democrats scramble to make their case after squandering an entire legislative session. The following statement may be attributed to House Republican Leader William G. Batchelder (R-Medina):

“We are encouraged to hear the Democrat leadership whistling past the graveyard with Governor Strickland; if we had the same poll numbers, they had we would try to cover them as well. Our polling indicates we are comfortably ahead in enough districts to ensure Republican control of the House this fall. The selection of outstanding candidates who are willing to run strong campaigns throughout Ohio has put us in a position, on the merits of those candidates, to achieve a significant victory. Currently, the Democratic caucus enjoys 19 House seats that Republicans have once held since 2002.
Let's be very clear with how upset Ohioans are with the disaster of the most recent legislative session, where House Democrats raised taxes and increased government spending in the middle of a recession. The gang who couldn’t shoot straight has created an unavoidable $8 billion deficit and increased state spending that exceeds $10 billion.
I am very impressed that the Democratic caucus would select a chairman with as much experience as Rep. Goyal. We are very proud of our House and gubernatorial candidates, and John Kasich will carry the ticket across the state. And as a result, our caucus will not need the amount of funding that is essential for them to overcome their record of incompetence in the Ohio House of Representatives.”