Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Boyce's Pants Are on Fire!!!

PolitiFact calls out Treasurer Kevin Boyce on his latest lie.  This guy has pretty much been an embarassment since Day One.  Between his casual relationship with the truth and the corruption of The FOKkers (Friends of Kevin - Thanks for that one, BizzyBlog!), I think Ohio is more than ready for the restoration of integrity that Josh Mandel would bring to the office.

UPDATE:  From a campaign email from Team Mandel:
With election Day drawing closer, all indicators point toward a Mandel victory in November. As a result of our opponent's lies being exposed by The Plain Dealer, his weak position in the polls, and his inability to raise campaign funds, he has rendered himself weak, both politically and financially.

Just yesterday, the Cleveland Plain Dealer confirmed in its Politifact column that Treasurer Kevin Boyce's word cannot be trusted and he should "strike a match" because his "pants are on fire" for lying throughout the state on the main message of his campaign. The Plain Dealer stated that, in an act of desperation to save his fledgling campaign, our opponent conjured up the dishonest claim that he has created 60,000 Ohio jobs since taking office.
The Politifact column rated Boyce's statement, which also just happens to be his primary argument on the campaign trail, a "Pants on Fire" lie on its Truth-O-Meter.
Kevin Boyce made the calculated political decision to attempt to convince voters that he created 60,000 Ohio jobs since taking office last year, even though Ohio has lost over 300,000 jobs over the past 4 years and state employment is at 10.3 percent. Not only is this claim outrageously unbelievable on its face, The Plain Dealer systematically destroyed the credibility of the claim and labeled the statement for what it truly is...a bold-faced lie.
Boyce's claim of creating 60,000 jobs comes from the same person who claims to have saved taxpayers money by hiring high school cronies, buying $80,000 worth of water bottles and other swag with his name on them, and steering state contracts to donors and banks who agree to hire his friends as lobbyists.