Thursday, September 09, 2010

Public Pension Excess During Recession

Every now and then, the 527 Media accidentally tell the truth.  Liberals will whine and drone on and on about how Republicans want to destroy this that and the other thing while taking candy away from the elderly and whatnot, but the truth behind Ohio's budget problems is excess.

Take the public pension system, for instance.  Here the Columbus Dispatch tells us about how public pension officials spent $1,000,000 attending conferences on such topics as protecting investments.  Oh, the irony there...  One way to protect investments, particulary during a recession is to not attend seminars and workshops on other contenients.

Of course, what I am really talking about is fiscal responsibility.  Democrats will decry every "cut" in the budget as some personal affront while ignoring the abuses going on in these institutions.  "Moderates" (also known as RINOs) will advocate incrasing spending regardless of consequences.  Real conservatives would see this story and recognize that the pension system could probably have their budget cut by a million dollars.

SIDEBAR: Democrats define a "cut" as ANY reduction in proposed spending even if the funding is maintained at current levels.

Of course, I don't actually advocate a budget reduction.  I believe that million dollars would actually serve its purpose if it was, you know, there for the pensioners when the time comes.