Thursday, September 09, 2010

VIDEO and COMMENTARY: Strickland Lost It

All credit to Tom Blumer of BizzyBlog for having been among the first to catch this and understand the significance of it...  We chatted about this on the TIB All Stars Show last weekend.  Tom has more on this subject here.

Ted Strickland Unhinged from Republican Governors Association on Vimeo.

If you haven't seen the video above, you should really check it out because it shows our governor and his paranoid delusions.  That's right, I said paranoid delusions.  He thinks he's losing because Republicans have been taken over by religious zealots and extremists.  He thinks it is Republicans who want to "change" the Constitution.  He thinks it is Republicans who want to "change" labor rights.

Religious zealots?  Obama can't make up his mind about the Ground Zero Mosque and it is Republicans who are zealots?  I don't think so...

Extremists?  Have you seen the sort of people holding the title of "Czar" in the Obama administration?  Seriously, Governor, get a grip on reality...

Republicans want to "change" the Constitution?  No.  Republicans want to RESTORE the Constitution.  It is Democrats who have done their best to wreck the Constitution with forced health care and the like.

Republicans want to "change" labor right?  No.  Republicans oppose forcing workers to sign off on cards instead of an actual secret ballot vote to organize in to unions.  It is the UNIONS and their DEMOCRAT CRONIES who want to allow union thugs to have the right to bully workers.

Blumer's piece deals with the media bias on display by our local 527 Media outlets in not covering the Governor's outrageous rant.  It is up to YOU to make sure that your friends hear about this story and tell the TRUTH about the governor's delusions.

UPDATE: The Ohio Republican Party's Chairman Kevin DeWine has asked the governor for an apology. Read about that here.