Wednesday, October 13, 2010

OH-01: Chabot Understands What Has Happened to Driehaus

Check out his latest blog entry for the whole story, but after learning that the DCCC has pulled funding for Driehaus, this is the lesson Chabot relays:
So there you have it. The election’s over, right? We’ve got it in the bag. Uh, NO. We’ve got three more weeks of hard work to do. No one rests. No getting complacent. Confidence, yes. Overconfidence, no.

Let’s face it, it all comes down to which candidate gets the most votes BY Election Day, Tuesday, November 2nd, exactly 20 days from today. And although most of the votes will actually be cast on Election Day, up to 40% of the votes could be cast during the 35 day period before the election, between September 28th and November 2nd. In Ohio votes can cast by absentee ballot, or one can go to the Board of Elections at 824 Broadway.
The game is still on...let's run up the score!