Wednesday, October 13, 2010

OH-08: Dem's Poll Shows What We Already Know -- Also Ran Has NO CHANCE

I'd like to point out to Cox Newspaper's liberal scribe Mikey Pitman that that liberal poll he was gushing for is out and it shows pretty much what we expected: Justin Cousoulle is an Also Ran.

It looks like the people from this "organization" made the calls and did the analysis and wrote the questions. This is in no way a professional poll. There is no information about the sample. You don't think they have a bias here do you?

All that aside, let's take a look at the numbers anyway...

74% of those polled didn't even know who the hell Justin was...  Oh, yeah, he's the liberals great hope for this election.  Somebody ought to tell Justin that NOBODY in OH-08 watches MSNBS let alone that blowhard Ed Schultz.

HALF of those polled said they need more information just to determine whether or not Justin was a viable candidate.  A plurality (34%) already know that he isn't.

But the biggest news of this poll shows that Boehner wins 30.4% to 19.6% in a poll where Boehner has an Unfavorable Rating of 59% while 94% of these people are definitely going to be voting!

Oh, and Carl Weiser of the Enquirer, don't think I missed seeing you gush on this poll too...