Friday, October 22, 2010

OH-18: Space Fails Eastern Ohioans, Unemployment at Unacceptably High 10 Percent

Lakeville, OH – State unemployment numbers were released this morning, and Ohio’s unemployment rate is at an unacceptable level of 10 percent today with 17,000 jobs lost in the past month, which is a clear indication that Zack Space’s job-killing agenda has failed Eastern Ohioans. Rather than seeing economic recovery, middle-class families continue to see pink slips as Ohio’s economy continues to spiral downwards. After rubberstamping a destructive economic agenda that includes a failed trillion-dollar stimulus, a cap-and-trade national energy tax and reckless spending – Space has repeatedly let middle-class families down.

“Zack Space’s destructive economic agenda has driven Ohio’s economy off a cliff,” said Gibbs Spokeswoman Emily Pettigrew. “Today’s news of Ohio’s unemployment rate hovering at an unacceptably high 10 percent is the clearest indication that Space’s time in Washington is up. As Ohio’s economy continues to struggle, will Space finally admit that unemployment is a problem?”
If elected, Bob Gibbs would focus on rebuilding the economy and putting Eastern Ohioans back to work.