Thursday, October 14, 2010

OHD-28: OEC Says Pillich Cut School Funding

COLUMBUS—The Ohio Elections Commission today found that the House Democratic Caucus had no probable cause in a lawsuit, which was filed in response to a campaign mailer and that the complaint had no merit. The mailer asserted that Reps. Connie Pillich and Nancy Garland voted to cut state school funding by $32 million, a figure that the Democratic Caucus claims is false. However, the panel found that there is no probable cause to believe that the literature contained false statements.

“I’m very pleased with the panel’s ruling today,” said Ohio House Republican Organizational Committee chairman Matt Huffman (R-Lima). “Although the Democratic Caucus attempted to distract from their candidates’ records by filing frivolous elections complains, the truth and facts were verified by the panel’s decision, they did in fact cut state funding to Ohio schools."

The House Democratic Caucus Fund filed the lawsuit against the Ohio Republican Party. The bipartisan probable cause panel of the Ohio Elections Commission voted unanimously that the lawsuit on behalf of Reps. Pillich and Garland was without merit, lending validity to the claims against their records on cutting state school funding."

“With this ruling, I hope that the Ohio Democratic Caucus will start answering for their voting records, rather than hiding behind the politics of distraction,” Huffman said.