Thursday, October 14, 2010

Strickland Raised Our Taxes

...but don't take my word for it, check out what PolitiFact has to say:
Those who owed the state after filing their 2009 taxes, owed a little bit extra thanks to Strickland’s tax freeze. Strickland’s decision cost a family of four earning $60,000 a year about $78 last year.

Strickland prides himself on having made tough decisions in rough economic times. One of those decisions was postponing the income tax cut which meant taking money out of the pockets of Ohioans.
But while the freeze is expected to be lifted next year, there are no guarantees that will happen in what is still a rough economic landscape for Ohio. And state taxpayers, who had to pay more in income taxes than what had been promised, may continue to pay at the higher rate.
We rate Kasich’s statement Mostly True.
Remember this the next time some liberal lies to you and says that Ted Strickland didn't raise your taxes because he most certainly did raise your taxes.

And, yes, he did it with the help of a few Senate RINOs like Harris and Niehaus...and their betrayal won't be forgotten either.