Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The Truth About David Pepper

Today, the Yost for Auditor campaign launched a new Web site, truthaboutdavidpepper.com, which exposes David Pepper's true track record as a County Commissioner, City Councilman, and candidate for State Auditor.

The site gives the real story behind some of Pepper's disingenuous statements, including his attempt to shirk responsibility for his own vote to implement the "jock tax" in Cincinnati, an excuse the Cleveland Plain Dealer recently deemed to be unsupported by the facts. Further, he claimed that his job-creation plan created "thousands of jobs" when in reality, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics found that unemployment in Hamilton County stood at 4.8% when Pepper took office in 2006-but by May 2010, unemployment had risen to 9.8%. The site also corrects multiple falsehoods that Pepper has spread about Dave Yost and his record as Delaware County Prosecutor and former County Auditor.
"David Pepper says he cut taxes, but the truth is that he raised them. He says he created jobs, but the truth is that unemployment doubled on his watch," said Matt Borges, spokesman for Yost. "Since he's not coming anywhere close to telling the truth about his record, we've set up a site so voters can find out what's the real truth about David Pepper is."
The site can be viewed at truthaboutdavidpepper.com.