Thursday, November 04, 2010

E-DAY 2010 RECAP: Kasich Took Montgomery County

As a native Daytonian, I was not expecting John Kasich to do very well there.  Don't get me wrong, Mike Turner was elected Mayor there a couple of times and does serve as that district's Congressman; but I don't think John Kasich fits that particular mold.

But, John Kasich did indeed win Montgomery County.

This news was certainly one of the bigger "shockers" of the night and represents a clear declaration of just how fed up Ohioans are with the failures of Governor Ted Strickland.

Will the GOP be able to hang on to Montgomery County?  That is the question.  I'll be watching to see if this becomes  a trend or if it was just a fad.  Cgoes out to the Montgomery County GOP and the Dayton Tea Party for a job well done.