Friday, November 05, 2010

Early Thoughts on OH-SEN 2012

The key to defeating Sherrod Brown is going to be in having a candidate that is a real contrast.  Putting up Mike DeWine, for instance, would be silly; but, mark my words, he will be running even though he got the lowest vote total of the entire ticket.

I'm not a huge fan of Betty Montgomery.  She's a bit of a squish on a few issues that while I'm okay with her at the state level, I'm not wild about her representing us in DC.

Jim Petro?  Might as well put up Betty...

Jon Husted?  He wants to be the next governor, but I think Kasich just got in his way.  IF Husted can repair his image with the Tea Party types and the genuine conservatives, he might be an okay candidate against Brown.  I oppose Husted because I think he's a slick fraud, but he could redeem himself if he tries real hard.

Ken Blackwell?

Tom Ganley?  I think the sex scandal smear was dirty pool, but my issue with Ganley is Kelo related and until he can come out strong for property rights, Ganley can go back to selling cars...

Jim Jordan.  He keeps a pretty low profile, but I like him  A LOT.

Bob Latta.  Slightly higher profile due to his social media skills, but an awful lot like Jordan on the issues.

I would rally behind Mary Taylor.  There was early talk of her jumping in to the Portman/Ganley primary so I think she would be interested in it...