Wednesday, November 17, 2010

TSA Agent: Just Following Orders

Let's read between the lines of what this anonymous TSA Agent had to say in the comments to this post:
all right lets get the truth about opt out, yes any airport that has federal officers can opt out, but what you folks dont know that all private aiports still have to follow the same rules that tsa has in place, so they will not be any different screening. I am a tsa workers for 8 years and that is the truth about opt out.
Basically, what this TSA Agent is saying is that he or she is just following orders.

Did that work for the Nazis at Nuremberg?

How about the soldiers from Abu Ghraib?

Will it work for the TSA? That one is entirely up to the American people to give Congress an earful. Melt the phones, people.

Rapists belong behind bars, not at airport security checkpoint.