Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Woman Sexually Assualted by TSA at Dayton International Airport

I link to this story because it is outrageous. I expect and demand that those who represent us at the state AND federal level take immediate action to halt the assualts taking place at airports all over this country.

If you are or work for a state legislator or a Congressman or a Senator (I know who y'all are) and you read this post and don't send me an email, I will assume that you stand with those who sexually assault CITIZENS of our country. I will be naming names because this must not stand.

If you are one of those people who were offended by Abu Ghraib, but think that this is okay, I do NOT want to know you. Why is it okay for our government to do something that if it were a deployed soldier doing it to an enemy combatant would result in charges?

Read this story and tell me that this is okay. State Legislators, Congressmen, and Senators, tell me specifically what action you are taking to prevent another attack.

I DEMAND AN EXPLANATION. And I am not alone.

UPDATE 1: I have contacted Governor Strickland and Attorney General Cordray... I am prepping a list of email address for state legislators as they are next. Following that will be emails to the Congressional delegation. John Kasich, Mike DeWine, Rob Portman, etc. y'all are NOT off the hook...I expect to hear from you too.

UPDATE 2: State Senators have been emailed. Auto-replies from State Senators Tom Niehaus, Gary Cates, Shannon Jones, Steve Buehrer, John Carey, Tim Schaffer, Bill Harris, and Kirk Schuring

UPDATE 2A: The email to Joe Schiavoni (D) bounced. Anybody know how to reach him by email?

UPDATE 2B: Auto-response from Gov. Strickland has been received.

UPDATE 3: First round of State Rep. emails have gone out... Districts 1 - 33.

UPDATE 3A: Second round (Distrcits 34 - 66) have gone out... Auto-response received from Timothy DeGeeter (Dist. 15)

UPDATE 3B: Third round (Districts 67 - 99) have gone out... Now to begin tracking down the Congressional delegation...

UPDATE 3C: Auto responses from Jay Hottinger and Jay Goyal.

 UPDATE 4: Round 1 to Members of Congress have gone out... I have also hit up Rep.-Elect Bill Johnson on his Facebook page.

UPDATE 5: Another TSA Sexual Assualt story...
Yes, my friends, I have seen several of you dropping by...  Thank you for your interest in the story, now let's do something about it!