Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Brown County GOP Celebrates Holidays and Election Sweep

Last night, the Brown County GOP celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas and the Holiday Season with a Dinner at the Southern Hills Career and Technical Center. The event was a thank you to poll workers and others who contributed to the victory in the 2010 general election. Paul Hall made clear some of the important gains aside from the electoral victories. Where the GOP had only 3 presiding judges before the election, it now has all 32 for each precinct. Among the honorees were Al Spiller, for being an all around utility man and precinct captain, as well as Central Committee MVP Jeanne Glassmeyer, for working hard in Perry Twp. Other awards were handed out including gifts for every poll worker and central committee member. Rick Eagan received an award for his perseverance and hard work in overcoming a near death experience in a car crash and reverse the vote totals from his first run against defeated Democrat incumbent Margery Paeltz, turning over 4000 votes to his side. In other news, it was revealed that Margery's husband Wade, who attends Republican meetings, voted for Dick Cordray, the losing democrat, to (snicker snicker) "moderate" Republican Mike Dewine. I guess this shows Wade has a history of backing the wrong horse, so to speak.

New Senate President Tom Niehaus couldn't make it, probably partying with the tax hikers in Columbus too much. Jean Schmidt was not in attendance, but her husband Peter and staffer Steven Caraway represented her well. State Reps. Danny Bubp and Joe Uecker, two of several sponsors for the event, were also in attendance. Rumors swirl that these two will be facing off for a State Senate seat candidacy in two years, as I believe both are term limited in the state house. Many of those present "in the know" say Danny is the frontrunner, with Uecker's main hope being if Kasich appoints Bubp to some type of administrative or judicial position.

Danny Bubp made a great point in discussing the NRA and the Buckeye Firearms Association. They backed Ted Strickland based on a promise he is not keeping, regardin the improvements of the concealed carry law. Ted promised both organizations, according to Bubp, that he would sign the bills and make sure they passed. However, he is being a sore loser and is not doing it. Danny said it is time these organizations got back behind people who do what they are say they are going to do and have a track record that is believable on the gun issues.

Other luminaries in attendance included: former County Treasurer Gail DeClaire, Judge Scott Gusweiler, Prosecutor Jessica Little, State Board of Education member Jeff Hardin, Sheriff Dwayne Wenninger, County Clerk of Courts Tina Meranda, County Auditor Doug Green, who gave an informative presentation on his journey as an election observer to Albania, as well as members of the Central Committee and other elected officials. Also in attendance was Hannah Faulkner, a Brown County resident who is also the President of the Northern Kentucky University Young Republicans club, who closed the evening in prayer and benediction.