Wednesday, December 01, 2010

John McCain Hearts Russ Feingold 4ever

The proAmnesty, proBailout, middle of the road failed Presidential candidate in not one but two elections, one being the debacle that gave us Barack Obama, loves him some Russ Feingold....cue Lionel Ritchie and Diana Ross's Endless Love:
McCain: “Without intending it as a commentary on his successor, I have to confess, I think the Senate will be a much poorer place without Russ Feingold in it… I don’t think he is replaceable.”

Um, the voters of Wisconsin would tend to disagree, and if someone reputable would run against you in a primary, I am sure Arizona voters would like to send you to the unemployment line to be with Russ forevermore, you pompous, fake, self congratulating idiot. The only reason most people voted for you was because you weren't Obama. Obamalite and old, but not Obama. Just waiting for you to show you lied to AZ voters regarding your epiphany concerning illegal immigration.