Sunday, January 16, 2011

BUTLER COUNTY: Scheming Commissioners and Scheme They ALMOST Got Away With

As any regular reader will tell you, I'm all about making some changes here in Butler County.  But if you have spent any time here at all, you would also know that I believe in transparency in government.  What Commissioners Don Dixon and Cindy Carpenter plotted to do behind closed doors is a travesty and it won't be forgotten.

According to the Enquirer story, Dixon and Carpenter planned to replace a significant number of personnel in county administration with cronies of their own without the knowledge of fellow Commissioner Chuck Furmon.  I expect this sort of chicanery from Dixon, but had been holding out hope that Carpenter might be different.  I guess the Jeff Wyrick Incident should have been a clue...

So what happened to this grand plan?  Apparently, according to the Enquirer story at least, Dixon grew a conscience or something.

What I really don't understand is how these two supposedly intelligent people think that they could do this sort of thing and not have the story get out.  How many people did they interview?  How many staffers were involved?  These two can't even run a simple coup without getting caught.  I am not impressed by the level of competence on display by our villains in this caper.

There is a right way to do business in government and so far Butler County hasn't seen least, not for a long, long time.