Saturday, February 19, 2011

Are Racial slurs ok when it is from a Democrat Representative, who has "A history of supporting civil rights"?

In the wake of the tragic shooting in Tucson, where several people, including Rep Giffords of AZ where shot, leading to the death of 6 by a man who is nothing but crazy, all we heard was we need to tone down the rhetoric. We need to have civilized debate and an end to the hateful, violent, vitriolic rhetoric.
Prior to that, we have heard constantly from those on the fringe left in America that those involved in the TEA Party were racist rednecks who did not actually care about the country, the Constitution, the Founding Fathers, limited government, lower taxes, personal responsibility or free markets, but yet formed this "astroturf" movement because we have a President of African American decent. We've seen on MSNBC, pundits who say TEA Partiers are violent rednecks, and even panned to a gentlemen in the crowd carrying an UNLOADED, military style rifle. (of course MSNBC always fails to pan out enough to show the fact that that particular man was African American himself) They fail to point out that TEA party membership by African Americans are almost consistent, percentage wise, with their population in the country.
So in a time where all Democrats are sensible and all Republicans, Conservatives, center right (which is the large majority of this country) Tea Party Patriots, etc, are racist rednecks who want grandma to eat cat food, throw poor people on the streets, and resort to violence to get their way, why is it one of our own members of the Ohio House of Representative's uses a racist slur during a facebook discussion?
That's right folks, State Representative Bob Hagan, of the 60th House district referred to an African American conservative as "Buckwheat" during a debate on facebook, today. Here is a link to a screen shot of the incident.

I ask that all of you reading this, email members of the Youngstown Vindicate, their local paper at
Speaker of the Ohio House, The Honorable Bill Batchelder at
The Democrat Majority Leader, Armond Budish at
Dem Assistant Majority Leader, Matt Szollosi at
The House Judiciary and Ethics Chairman, Danny Bubp at
The House Judiciary and Ethics Ranking Member, Dennis Murray at
And the Members of the Joint Legislative Ethics Committee who can be found at

Most importantly we need to email Rep Hagan at and demand a public apology.

We should not stand for these kinds of actions and behavior from any Elected Official, no matter which party they are from.