Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rob Portman Jumps Shark Hires ORP Hack/Liar Kent Moore

Imagine my surprise when I see this article announcing to all the world that Rob Portman has hired Kent Moore, the guy so in-tune with what is happening here in the state of Ohio that he lied about the Tea Party demonstration that occurred at the RINOvich ORP HQ when the State Central Committee dissed many county parties who had already endorsed in the Auditor primary.

And these quotes from Moore are hilarious...
"I'm going to the be the eyes and ears of the senator," Moore said. "My good uncle told me years ago God gave me two eyes and one mouth for a reason and so I am here to listen to the concerns of what's going on in the region and report back to the senator on a regular basis so he can keep a finger on what is happening in the southeast region of the state."

"I like people and I've found that a lot of times challenges come from a lack of communication," Moore said. "I think if we just listen and communicate with people we can find out what is really on their mind and what their concerns are that helps you to come to some positive conclusions and results."
Normally for comedy this rich, you have to pay admission and have a two drink minimum.