Tuesday, February 01, 2011

BUTLER COUNTY: Note to Interim Prosecutor Gmoser

Well, the Commissioners did it...they picked one of the candidates who is running for the remainder of the term as their choice for Interim Prosecutor.

Note to Interim Prosecutor Mike Gmoser: DON'T waste money on stationary, pens, forms, etc. until AFTER the Central Committee votes on the issue.

This was a bad move on the part of Commissioners Furmon and Carpenter.  I would be interested how Don Dixon would have voted if he had not been out sick...

UPDATE:  I need to revise and extend my remarks in regards to why I think it was a bad move.

My objection stems from the fact that we didn't learn anything from the Wyrick Incident.  Sources tell me that there are several qualified folks who could have run the office for a week that aren't candidates for the position.

The responsibility for appointing for the remainder of the term for this position rests with the Central Committee of the Butler County Republican Party and by elevating one candidate over the others, these two commissioners are stating their preference.  Which I don't have a problem with at all except for the fact that it has the risk of backfiring with the CentComm.

This isn't a "dealbreaker" for me, but I am disappointed.