Saturday, April 30, 2011

What Your Kids are Doing and Learning in College

Here is the hope and change Obama was looking for. Irresponsible little college punks who don't have any responsiblity or sense of pride or sense of ownership of society or to their fellow man. Disgusting jerks. Check out this video over at Here is some commentary from the site:
If college students are opposed to the Republican plan to cut spending to reduce the national debt, might they be willing to reduce the deficit by paying their share of the national debt?

Would those college students sign a pledge vowing to pay their approximate $47,000 share? The answer?

Well, there was this: “I don’t contribute to the national debt.”

This: “I don’t have any debt.”

And this: “It’s not my debt.”

We’ll take that as a “no.” But those curious responses beg the question: Have these college students ever taken an economics class? “It’s not my debt.” Really?

But the real gems come in the second half of the video, when the students offer their suggestions on how to get rid of the national debt. You know, like “abolish the government” and “Fu** the military.”

OK, the geniuses at UC Berkeley who are part of the Democrats of UC Berkeley think we are the least taxed nation in the world????? WTF???? Where are they getting this? Ridiculous. And, these bonus babies, most of whom live off momma and poppa's teat and are either getting loads of student aid or are rich kids, say they don't want to pay the debt but we should tax the rich? Huh?
And this is supposedly a temple of reason and higher education......NOT!