Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Combs (Jones) vs Furmon

Updating a previous item on WMD...

It appears, at least according to this Dayton Daily Democrat News piece from Pitman that if both Furmon and Dixon go for re-election, then Combs will square off against Furmon.

Previously Combs was quoted as saying:
My focus will be to bring Butler County back to where it was when I left; the top county in the state with all elected office holders working together.
...which makes the choice of Furmon's seat kind of strange seeing as he is the only still-serving member of Commission from when Combs last served there.
So what is this really about?

Sheriff "Spotlight" Jones.

Say what?

Combs and Jones have been inseparable.  Whenever Jones needs a legislator to legitimize his issues, Combs is the go-to guy.

Butler County does NOT need a third Jones stooge on the Butler County Commission.  He already has Dixon and Carpenter.  Jones really ought to have the stones to run himself, but he's too afraid to risk giving up all the fiefdoms he already has under his control.

Every time I think the Butler County Republican Party is on the verge of resolving their severe case of the stupids, something like this comes up.  Republicans still have a LOT of work to do to defeat the evil cabal operating in the shadows...