Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Theory on Combs Drop Out

A reader sent this idea in via email:
Word on the street is the GOP Senate leadership has instructed [Chairman] Dave Kern to provide the names of the "top three vote-getters" from next Wednesdays Butler County GOP meeting. This is being done to provide wiggly room so the Senate can choose the person they have already chosen [effectively] screwing the Butler County GOP out of any voice in naming a replacement for Cates. [Combs] dropped out to save his $125 screening fee after he got the call.
I don't doubt that the Senate Republicans have already decided who they want.  And if that is common knowledge in Columbus (or if Combs actually received a call getting this information), it is certainly reasonable for Combs to want to save some dough...

This process is kind of screwy.  I really don't like that people who don't live in the district at all get to decide who represents us.

At any rate, Combs is out.  Coley is the most likely choice even though my sources tell me that Derickson is most likely to "win" the top spot in the recommendation vote.