Saturday, May 28, 2011

He Gave The Last Full Measure of His Devotion....Seth Blevins...

God bless Seth Blevins and his family....Seth was the young man from Brown County who was killed last week in Afghanistan during his first tour by an enemy IED. Several others in his group were killed or injured during the attack. God bless these patriots and their families....and God bless our fallen past and present this Memorial Day weekend....

A soldier from Brown County who graduated from high school in 2008 has been killed in Afghanistan, according to school officials who spoke with the soldier's family.

School officials said they learned early Tuesday that Seth Blevins, a graduate of Eastern High School, was killed. His family was told Monday night, said Alan Simmons, superintendent of Eastern Local Schools in Sardinia.

A faculty representative is meeting with Blevins' family to learn more about how he was killed.

Blevins was a popular student who played basketball and soccer and a musical instrument in the school band, Simmons recalled.

"We are very proud of him and very sad for the loss to the community and the family," the superintendent said. "He was an excellent young man. It’s always a tragedy but this one is especially widespread because he was so popular and so active in different activities.”

From the News Democrat:
Two groups will be meeting on Saturday to prepare Yellow Ribbons to line the funeral route in honor of Pfc. Seth Blevins, of Sardinia. They will meet at 9 a.m. at Eastern HS and 1 p.m. at Eagles Hall in Georgetown. Anyone who wants to help is invited.

A group is being organized to line state Route 125 with yellow ribbons to honor the return of Pfc. Seth Blevins, and the group is seeking any volunteer individuals or groups who are willing to help. Blevins was killed May 23 by an IED while serving the U.S. Army in Afghanistan.

Volunteers who plan to place yellow ribbons along state Route 125, from the western Brown County line to Russelville turnoff (US 68) near Georgetown. A group of volunteers associated with the Eastern School District will be placing ribbons on the remainder of the route from the US 68/SR 125 intersection.

Any individuals or groups who want to help with the Hamersville-to-Georgetown portion should meet at the FOE Eagles Hall in Georgetown at 1 p.m. on Saturday, May 28. Volunteers need to bring only themselves and a pair of scissors. Materials for the ribbon have already been obtained. Volunteers are need to both cut and place the ribbons.

The route may be divided into multiple sections for different groups to take care of if they choose.

Individual volunteers are welcomed, as well as any civic or community groups, including Boy and Girl Scouts, veterans organizations, youth sports teams, social clubs, or any others that wish to participate.

A separate group of volunteers who plan to line another section of the funeral route with yellow ribbons will be meeting at 9 a.m. Saturday at Eastern High School. One of Belvins' former schoolmates is heading up the organization of the group, and anyone who wants to help out is welcome. They have already visited the Yellow Ribbon Center in Eastgate to speak with the Maupins and have obtained materials - just need some helping hands. They will be cutting tons of ribbons that morning.