Saturday, May 28, 2011

Will 700 WLW Do the Right Thing about Eric Deters?

Eric Deters is a jackass. I know some of our readers out there are listeners of his appearances on talk shows on WLW. I know there are times when our views are in alignment with what Deters said. However, Eric Deters epitomizes what is wrong with lawyers and with celebrities. Eric Deters is a failure. He failed as a restauranteur. He has nearly been disbarred in Kentucky. He fails as a radio show host. His latest fail: being a "comedian." His type of humor is not helpful, and if Deters is just as accountable as any other show host, like say, Ed Shultz (Laura Ingraham is a talk slut), or say, Don Imus (the Maryland team has knappy hair), then he should be suspended and even fired. Heck, even George Allen was defamed after the macaca incident. What am I talking about? Check this out:

Eric Deters, a WLW-AM personality and Northern Kentucky lawyer, is drawing criticism for a recent Internet video in which he said, “If you want to conquer an African nation, send white women and pot.”

Deters said the video, during which he also said, “I understand black culture,” was shot earlier this week.

Deters shoots a series of video blogs each week – five to 10 at a time – and they are posted each day on his Facebook page.

After shooting the series, he told his video guy that they shouldn’t post that one.

“I said, ‘We can’t post that one, that goes too far,’” he said.

But the video guy sent the files to Deters’ Web technician with that one included, so it was posted.

“I’m sure he just forgot about it,” he said.

Deters learned the video was posted Thursday when he got a call from a friend whose wife is black asking him how he could post such a thing.

“It wasn’t even supposed to be up in the first freaking place,” he said.

The video was quickly taken down, Deters said.

“I represent blacks, I have friends who are black, I have clients who are black,” he said. “There’s not a racist bone in my body. I don’t use the n-word, I don’t do any of that.”

During the video, Deters also said every black member of his flag football team was involved with white women and smoked pot.

Deters said it was a joke that he’s made with his flag football friends.

This guy is a clown. And now he is trying to throw his cameraman and others under the bus for his own irresponsibility. Do you want this clown on your airwaves? Yeah, I say controversial things on the air, but we always say that our show is meant to shock. I always preface it with absurdity. This guy is working for a mainstream radio station, and he goes and does this. This is different than a guy in a makeshift studio talking on internet radio. This guy is...famous. Heh, or he used to be.

Eric Deters 15 minutes are long past up. Darryl Parks needs to bury him on the ash heap of history.

Here is the clip....Shame on you Deters! Take responsibility. Own up to it. You said it. It was inappropriate. And to Darryl Parks, you can email us to for our audition tapes at