Friday, May 06, 2011

McCabe Is In For State Senate

Michael Shawn McCabe on Facebook:
I declared my intent to run for Ohio's 4th Senate District to the Butler County Republican Party in Butler County, Ohio. It's going to be a busy couple of weeks. First step is their internal Screening Committee. I'll be meeting with my fellow Central/Executive Committee members diligently to answer questions and define what I WILL ACCOMPLISH for the people of the 4th District should I be selected.
When I asked if he was serious -- because, let's face it, politics these days is a real pain in the -- this was his reply:
Yes. That has been my goal for many years. The opportunity comes at a poor time for me personally and I believe in common sense that I am an unlikely nomination and an even more unlikely selection by the Senate. However, I am serious and believe I would be an effective, practical and diligent steward of the 4th District.
More from Shawn:
I have over 10 years in financial services, 15 years in developing small businesses who employ residents of the 4th District...and I only have 5 years experience in Butler County politics. I'll go with my real experience and get busy protecting the tax dollars, wages and opportunities for working families across the Great State of Ohio. Let's turn a focus toward jobs and growth and get rid of red tape, pointing blame and roadblocks to prosperity.