Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sadly, Yes, This Is News

Someday, I would like to think that civilized society would get to the point where stuff like this isn't actually news but for now we'll just have to live with it.

I had heard that this had happened a couple of days ago, and probably would have written something on it if the Area II court records were available online, but they aren't.  But if the Journal-News is willing to rake yet another local Republican Also-Ran through the muck, I might as well put my two cents worth in too...

Clearly, this is a case where the guy's personal life is a mess and has been for quite some time.  That's why it is a personal life.  But this guy should have realized that when he put himself out there for public office, his private life was going to be fair game for the media, his opponents, and detractors.

My problem with all of this is that it is another distraction from the real issues facing the county and the party.  We have real problems and we need serious people with good solutions to step up and be counted.  While it is highly unlikely we will ever know whether or not this candidate would have been able to leverage any answers, it seems rather unfortunate that something like this is what will derail his campaign.

And let us make no mistake about that.  Skilled politicians with years of experience might be able to parry this kind of attack, but a newbie on his first run is not likely to have the ability to fend it off.  Unforced personal errors are the worst sort of mistake to recovery from, just ask Newt Gingrich...

It is a sad commentary for sure...but is it really relevant?